Tent constructions by David Mayr Tent constructions by David Mayr Tent constructions by David Mayr

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Long-stay Tents

Premium quality made in Bavaria

Detailed and sophisticated concepts make the difference! You can recognize this by having a close look at our high quality designs and workmanship!

Long-stay tents made by David Mayr – Probably Bavaria's best choice for permanent campers

Dauerstandzelt von David Mayr | PREMIUMQUALITÄT aus Bayern
Zeltbau David Mayr
Zeltbau David Mayr Zeltbau David Mayr Zeltbau David Mayr Zeltbau David Mayr Zeltbau David Mayr Zeltbau David Mayr Zeltbau David Mayr Zeltbau David Mayr Zeltbau David Mayr Zeltbau David Mayr Zeltbau David Mayr Zeltbau David Mayr Zeltbau David Mayr Zeltbau David Mayr Zeltbau David Mayr
1 Zeltbau David Mayr Light roof tarpaulins of polyester fabric with antifungicide PVC coating

2 Zeltbau David Mayr 40 cm or 50 cm circumferential roof overhang

3 Zeltbau David Mayr Rain gutter outlet 50 mm PVC

4 Zeltbau David Mayr Interior seams and covered zippers

5 Zeltbau David Mayr Fastening rails of aluminum profile for even fastening of the wall parts for permanent foldless fitting - available for 3 sides of the tent

6 Zeltbau David Mayr Doors in wood and plastic are fully insulated except for steel doors and serially have an integrated metal frame (warp-free) and a weather boarding, also glass inserts on demand. Moreover, all doors are equipped with a cylinder lock. If desired, doors with 5-fold security lock and lockable gear are available (for terrace doors only).

7 Zeltbau David Mayr Total roof surface with walk-on roof (serially for almost all our awning types) of profile wooden planks in spruce, nut and feather, including fleece onlay, and with visible truss. As an optimal addition, we offer our special on-roof insulation, consisting of a 50-mm thermoplastic insulation layer and a high-quality aluminum foil.

8 Zeltbau David Mayr Special, extra-strong aluminum box drain for integrated rain gutter system (up to 7 m in one piece).

9 Zeltbau David Mayr Ventilation system for optimal air circulation and prevention of condensation water

10 Zeltbau David Mayr Rod assembly:
Roof beams: Wood 120 x 60 mm, aluminum 65 x 40 mm and 40 x 40 mm
Ridge beam wood: 160 x 60 mm, underlying construction wood: 60 x 60 mm, aluminum: 40 x 40 mm

11 Zeltbau David Mayr Serially window flaps for darkening, with zippers and screw caps 3-5 pieces, depending on the make.

11a Zeltbau David Mayr The designs Stuttgart and Nürnberg serially have 3 anodized external aluminum blinds Top-Star for darkening. Anodized external aluminum blinds are available on charge for all other models, too for upgrade, too.

12 Zeltbau David Mayr Foil windows are serial, they are available closed and, on demand and mostly free of charge, for opening and with fly screens. Plastic windows with insulation glazing as side-hung and tilt-hung windows, with 1 wing and 2 wings, wooden windows on demand.

13 Zeltbau David Mayr Tent skin of high quality, tough polyester tissue with PVC coating

14 Zeltbau David Mayr Entry sills of aluminum (anodized)

  • "Top-Zwei" Aluminium Blinds for darkeing including fly screens
  • special roof insulation, which consists of a 50 mm thermal insulation layer and a high-quality aluminum foil
Zeltbau David Mayr Zeltbau David Mayr

This defines a original Mayr Long-stay tent : 

Solid engineering 

Domestic building materials without harmful paints and lacquers and exceptionally durable aluminium profiles with a chamber system allowed us a strong in frame mode of construction. 

Clever individualisations 

Our Mayr-Construction-System can be individually retrofited, rebuild or expanded at any time. 

Uncomplicated Service

We offer a fixed price, including installation and maintenance or minor repairs (also from third-party manufacturers), our service mobile helps on site.

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 Customer Comments Zeltbau David Mayr


„Your employees deserve a special thank!“
Hans W.

I am totally inspired! What a great work! I will definitely recommend you!
Mrs. G.

„Your crews work can hardly be surpassed!“
Klaus D. & Familie



Floor plan


Quality features and materials

Quality characteristics und Materialien | Tent constructions by David Mayr

High flexibility and optimal planning methods enable us to manufacture long-stay tents in individual sizes in the well-known and proven David Mayr quality.

The 10 cm high, sturdy, anodized aluminum roof panels - in which our special rain gutter system is integrated - give an exclusive touch to every tent and additionally increase the strength of the tent. Furthermore we provide our rain gutters up to 700 cm length in one piece!

The profile developed by us also ensures an optimal tensioning of the roof tarpaulin and also offers you the possibility of attaching sun awnings to the standard keder strips. Additionally you can order roof tarpaulins in bright colours for a pleasant indoor climate. Thanks to the silver-coloured aluminum roof system it results in a harmonious overall image.

The end-to-end rear wall and keder strip, which is anchored to the ground, prevents the penetration of insects.

Tarpaulins Pattern & Colours
Tent constructions by David Mayr

Tarpaulins pattern & colours
Feel free to choose your colour and design based on your desires and conceptions form our variety of color palettes. Pattern of tarpaulin No. 1

We would be glad to help and advise you! Visit our production site in Rehling near Augsburg! Convince yourself of the outstanding quality of our products on-site and choose suitable desing combinations from our samples. Pattern of tarpaulin No. 2 Pattern of tarpaulin No. 3 Pattern of tarpaulin No. 4 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 5 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 6 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 7 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 8 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 9 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 10 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 11 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 12 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 13 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 14 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 15 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 16 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 17 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 18 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 19 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 20 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 21 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 22 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 23 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 24 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 25 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 26 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 27 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 28 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 29 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 30 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 31 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 32 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 33 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 34 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 35 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 36
Tent constructions by David Mayr

Turnkey Long-stay tent with complete interior construction according to your wishes!

We would be glad to help and advise you. Phone: 08237 95 14 30

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