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Interior construction

Stability and durability

Walls and ceilings

Design your long-stay tent with our professional help, and thanks to an insulation it will also stay cozy warm in the wintertime. You choose whether the wall and ceiling claddings have tongue and groove boards or other materials and which floor covering best suits you.

Of course, we also advise you when it comes to the installation of partitions, kitchenettes or storage space and together with you we will find the ideal solution for the tent you're dreaming of.


Please note: Regarding our floors, the assembly, the chip and a layer of concrete blocks are included in the price.

In order to provide a safe stand for our tents, no matter how big they are, we of course also offer high-quality floors in several designs.

The floor model "Standard" without insulation is made of spruce wood 80 x 80 mm in segment construction. The number of segments depends on the size of your tent. As flooring we provide roofing board that serves as a steam barrier and 22 mm thick, fully laid OSB boards, screwed in tongue and groove.

The segments on the "Luxury" model with insulation, are completely covered with rough, 18 mm thick wooden boards on the underside. Corrugated cardboard is placed between wooden boards and beams. The cross-beam distance is 50 cm and the 80 mm strong styrofoam insulation can be optimally applied. Subsequently, the segments are covered with foil and screwed to the full surface with 22 mm thick OSB plates in tongue and groove.

Regarding the partly roofed terrace we manufacture the substructure from planed, solid larch boards 60 x 80 mm. The flooring consists of solid Douglas firs boards. The flooring substructure for all models consists of concrete slabs which are laid on chippings. There is enough distance between the soil to the floor so that the air can circulate and no permanent moisture damages the wood. This guarantees an absolute stability and long durability of the tent floors.

The entire laying material is included in the delivery contents.

Our service and our assembly
is only made by our own employed technicians!

Probably Bavaria's best choice for permanent campers

Visit our production site in Rehling near Augsburg! Convince yourself of the outstanding quality of our products on-site. It's worth visiting us - you are welcome to have a non committal look at the David Mayr product range:

David Mayr Zelte und Schutzdächer
Rudolf-Diesel-Straße 6, 86508 Rehling bei Augsburg

Tent constructions by David Mayr


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Floor plan


Zeltbau David Mayr Zeltbau David Mayr

This defines a original Mayr Long-stay tent : 

Solid engineering 

Domestic building materials without harmful paints and lacquers and exceptionally durable aluminium profiles with a chamber system allowed us a strong in frame mode of construction. 

Clever individualisations 

Our Mayr-Construction-System can be individually retrofited, rebuild or expanded at any time. 

Uncomplicated Service

We offer a fixed price, including installation and maintenance or minor repairs (also from third-party manufacturers), our service mobile helps on site.

Tent constructions by David Mayr

Turnkey Long-stay tent with complete interior construction according to your wishes!

We would be glad to help and advise you. Phone: 08237 95 14 30