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With a wooden pent or gable roof

With the long-stay tent "München-Exklusiv" we offer you an exclusive tent, which is already equipped with all comforts!

The price includes the complete extension in profile wood with insulation, Synthetic windows, steel door, our special, extra strong aluminum channel gutter with PVC drain, a accessible roof area as well as the floor "luxury" with insulation including laying material.

You don't have to do anything, because if you desire, we take care of dismantling and disposal of your old tent.

Long-stay tent : Modell "München-Exklusiv":

Choosing a "München-Exklusiv" means we do all the extension work - you don't have to do anything!

Ceilings and walls are insulated with laminated stone wool (50 mm thick). On top we attach first class round profiled spruce in tongue and groove (other types of wood possible at surcharge), inkluding all roof rails and corner stabilisers.

To the delivery contents!

Important note about our special offer „München-Exklusiv“

We do not provide the installation of electricity and heating ourselves, but we have been successfully cooperating with a competent business partner for years.

If you desire, he can offer you the installation of a Truma heater, as well as the electricity installation at a fair calculated price.

Thus, you will receive a turn-key long-stay tent containing consumables, installation of electricity and heating (we will take care about the coordination with our business partner).

The price for the installation of the mentioned heating as well as for the electricity installation is only valid while ordering our long-stay tent at the same time.

The contracting partner is the respective supplier, meaning us, regarding the long-stay tent and for the heating and assembly of electricity and heating our business partner.

The total or the individual prices can be found in the price list (German) - also the assembly costs.

Technical specifications
Tent depth 260 bis 300 cm    
Tent length 400 up to 800 cm (special sizes are possible on request)   Gable roof possible at surcharge
Height rear: 247 cm | front: 215 cm (the rear wall is always one-piece)    

Zeltbau David Mayr Zeltbau David Mayr

This defines a original Mayr Long-stay tent : 

Solid engineering 

Domestic building materials without harmful paints and lacquers and exceptionally durable aluminium profiles with a chamber system allowed us a strong in frame mode of construction. 

Clever individualisations 

Our Mayr-Construction-System can be individually retrofited, rebuild or expanded at any time. 

Uncomplicated Service

We offer a fixed price, including installation and maintenance or minor repairs (also from third-party manufacturers), our service mobile helps on site.

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 Customer Comments Zeltbau David Mayr


„Your employees deserve a special thank!“
Hans W.

I am totally inspired! What a great work! I will definitely recommend you!
Mrs. G.

„Your crews work can hardly be surpassed!“
Klaus D. & Familie



Floor plan


Current trade fair

f.re.e - The Fair for Travel and Leisure
Duration: 21. - 15. February 2018

Freizeit - Tourism - & Garden-Fair
Duration: 28. February - 4. March 2018

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The delivery contents

München with a wooden pent and gable roof:
  • Wooden rods complete 60 x 60 mm massive spruce, separated at the core
  • Roof beams complete 120 x 60 mm, glued massive spruce maximum gap 45 cm
  • Walk-on roof of massive spruce planes in nut and feather, 19 mm V chamfer, including 3 mm fleece onlay (wood in the external area not pre-treated)
  • Roof and tent sheet of high quality tough polyester tissue, PVC coated, all seams interior (roof sheet 780 g/sqm), bridging flaps to the trailer, colors and design selectable
  • To every tent, the 10-cm high stable anodized aluminum roof trims, containing our special extra-strong aluminum box drain with PVC outlet, will grant an exclusive touch and will additionally increase stiffness of the tent. Moreover, we will supply the roof gutter in one piece up to 700 cm length
  • 1 zipper door at the front or side wall and rear wall
  • 2 plastic windows, white, 120 x 90 cm, 2 wings, side-hung / tilt-hung windows
  • 1 plastic window, white, 130 x 60 cm, tilt-hung
  • 1 steel door, white, fully galvanized, warp-free with cylinder lock
  • 1 Foam block, 8 x 12 cm, sheet-covered, 6.5 running meters
  • 1 floor "Luxus" with insulation:
    The beam substructure consists of spruce strips 80 x 80 mm, laid on split-bed concrete slabs, roofing board as a moisture barrier, OSB floor covering panel 22 mm (water-repellent) screwed in tongue and groove. Insulation between wooden strips 80 mm Styrofoam pressed, foil protecting against soil moisture, wooden boards in spruce (rough from the saw), various nailed board widths

Tarpaulins Pattern & Colours
Tent constructions by David Mayr

Tarpaulins pattern & colours
Feel free to choose your colour and design based on your desires and conceptions form our variety of color palettes. Pattern of tarpaulin No. 1

We would be glad to help and advise you! Visit our production site in Rehling near Augsburg! Convince yourself of the outstanding quality of our products on-site and choose suitable desing combinations from our samples. Pattern of tarpaulin No. 2 Pattern of tarpaulin No. 3 Pattern of tarpaulin No. 4 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 5 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 6 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 7 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 8 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 9 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 10 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 11 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 12 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 13 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 14 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 15 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 16 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 17 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 18 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 19 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 20 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 21 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 22 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 23 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 24 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 25 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 26 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 27 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 28 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 29 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 30 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 31 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 32 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 33 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 34 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 35 Sampel of tarpaulin No. 36

Optional accessory :
  • solid doors
  • solid windows
  • "Top-Star" aluminium roller blind
  • "Top-Zwei" aluminium roller blind
  • side canopy
  • roofed terrace floor
  • Standard floor
  • Luxury floor with insulation
See our Tent accessories page for more information or contact us

Important information for you
Important information for you:

  • Thanks to our massive framework construction?, i.e. complete circumferential frame at ground level, parapet height and roof height ?, it is possible at any time without much work to upgrade to fixed windows (if there is no interior design).
  • All test sheets are circumferentially inserted into special aluminum channel rails and thus exchangeable at any time
Tent constructions by David Mayr

Turnkey Long-stay tent with complete interior construction according to your wishes!

We would be glad to help and advise you. Phone: 08237 95 14 30



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