Tent constructions by David Mayr GmbH Zelte & Schutzdächer Tent constructions by David Mayr GmbH Zelte & Schutzdächer

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Roofs, front and side walls

In order to re-design your existing tent (with stable wooden or aluminum substructures), we offer you the possibility of a complete re-planning. Of course, a partial planning is also possible.

Thinking of a complete new roofing design, you can choose either to cover your existing roof rods or you choose the exclusive version. Then we deliver 10 cm high, stable, anodized aluminum roof panels, in which our extra strong aluminum box channel is integrated.

You can attach sun awnings in the standard included aluminum keder strip.

After measurements and elaboration of all details on site, you can freely choose the colors according to your wishes from our color palette.



David Mayr GmbH Zelte & SchutzdächerDavid Mayr GmbH Zelte & Schutzdächer

This defines a original Mayr Long-stay tent : 

Solid engineering 

Domestic building materials without harmful paints and lacquers and exceptionally durable aluminium profiles with a chamber system allowed us a strong in frame mode of construction. 

Clever individualisations 

Our Mayr-Construction-System can be individually retrofited, rebuild or expanded at any time. 

Uncomplicated Service

We offer a fixed price, including installation and maintenance or minor repairs (also from third-party manufacturers), our service mobile helps on site.